All the ways I prostituted myself for money last year

Surviving on an Insecure, Low Income

As a gig economy worker/freelancer/precariat worker and ABN holder in this brave new world of work, I do a lot of stuff to earn money so I can afford to exist. Because eating is good for health, and shelter is terrific! Some of that stuff is in the context of the regular exchange money for time or skills (like most wage earners), but a lot of it is simply just random. Random in that way people use the word ‘random’ these days, but also random by the literal definition: “made, done, or happening without method or conscious decision.” Very un-career like and more…

“What do you do for work?”

I hate that question! It’s very hard to answer concisely and in a way that won’t lead to you having to explain your life story to a stranger making small talk.

So what are the ways I prostituted myself to earn a living in the last year?

By the way, it didn’t involve any actual sex work. Sorry, not sorry.

The Ways…in no particular order

· Vehicle delivery

Prospecting for gold

So the above can be considered ‘jobs’ (in a loose sense of the word) but as I said, I scrape together a liveable wage by supplementing my gig income with…well, with seizing opportunities.

Want to buy some never-worn size 8 shoes?

The road to nowhere

Sometimes though, I can spend a lot of time or effort chasing an income stream that doesn’t prove fruitful, either because I got screwed over or it fell through.

Welcome to the world of the shadow economy.

· I auditioned twice for a TV commercial. The pay would have been the equivalent of two month’s income for a 1.5 days’ work so when they insisted I block out my calendar for shooting several weeks in advance I agreed. It all looked good to go but sadly they lead me on. I didn’t get the gig and they didn’t bother to inform me till just a few days before. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Photo by Christian Dubovan on Unsplash

Money Saving and the Free economy

And finally, there’s a whole free economy/gift economy/share economy (no, NOT Uber!) operating, supported by people looking for innovative (or sometimes ancient) ways to exist outside the formal, transactional, capitalist economy which seems to fail so many of us. Some do it to build community, some do it because they understand that humans are collective animals and it’s smarter to share resources, and some do it because they simply don’t have enough money to meet their needs.

ALL this perfectly edible food was rescued from the bin on a Dumpster Dive
Worm farm made from hard rubbish drawers and blinds, and construction waste

Reframing what we value — a world which is just, sustainable, and works for all people and planet Earth. Join the conversation!

Reframing what we value — a world which is just, sustainable, and works for all people and planet Earth. Join the conversation!