An Ode to 2020

Wake up! Wake up, the country’s on fire!

Find someone in power who isn’t a liar;

The online world, it’s full to the brim

Of bots, and charlatans, and those too dim;

Closer & closer, the end draws near,

With animals and plants gone, who’ll still be here?

Amongst the ashes, and wading through the floods,

Life changed forever, there will be blood.

We’ve turned on each other, our hearts black with rage;

Armed with research & facts, but not on the same page.

We fight and we curse, we kill and we maim,

Others stand on the sidelines like it’s all a big game.

“The truth will set you free,” a great man once said,

Now all we can see are loose screws in their head.

They’ll steal our common wealth, and leave us with nought;

The 1% will be gone, long before they get caught.

The planet she burns, the ice caps do melt,

The seasons, we say, not as they once felt;

Animals are dying, big men make more profit,

Our forests are shrinking, Greta shouts “Stop it!”

They laugh and they jeer at the “silly young girl”,

Think they know better than the scientists in the world.

The nonsense, the fakes, the parading of wits,

All the while our precious home is falling to bits.

Institutions ruined, the trust is gone,

Democracy failing, against experts we’re warned.

Soon enough our resources they will be too few,

When there’s no water and food then what will we do?

The divisions now torn between the ‘us’ & the ‘them’

Will soon become useful to those 62 men.

More money, more power, all the wealth of the Earth,

Given up to the few by virtue of their birth.

Take back what is ours, stand now & fight,

For this we cannot win unless the people UNITE!



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