Is Capitalism or Socialism a better system for society? (Quiz)


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2. Compare two working people; one is well educated and highly skilled, and the other has a standard education and average skills. Thinking about the value of each individual, how many times more worth is one human compared to the other?

3. Which of these statements is the most true. Homelessness:

4. When it comes to medical care, I want:

5. Rank these in order of importance from 1 (most important) to 9 (least important):

6. Watch this video and give a score out of 5 for how much you agree with the following statements: (1 = completely disagree, 5 = completely agree)

7. Is this fair? Yes or No

8. Consider the following scenarios. Choose which action you would take:

9. A company is facing bankruptcy due to poor management decisions rather than low productivity or an inefficient workforce. The 14 senior executives and board members get paid a combined total of $12 million annually, and the 500 full time staff get a total of $55 million in wages (4.5 x the wage costs for 36 x the number of people). Nobody wants the company to close so cuts must be made. What should the company do?

10. You’re at a beautiful camping spot in the countryside with only a few other tents dotted around, and one nearby neighbour. A large group of people show up the following day with 2 big campervans. They like the spot you’re camped because it has flat terrain and enough space to park their vehicles side-by-side, whereas you don’t need much room. They ask you and your neighbour to move but you’re all set up and it’s a hassle. It’s a free public area, and there’s a park ranger who seems friendly with the group. How is this best resolved?




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