New Year’s Resolutions: getting from here to where you want to be

New Year’s Resolutions

We make a wish.

1. Start with a Review

  1. Where am I at in my life right now?
  2. Where would I like to be in a year?
  3. What have I already accomplished in my life?
  4. What would I like to focus on next?
  5. What’s going well for me?
  6. What needs review?
  7. What’s holding me back?
  8. What’s my motivation to succeed?

2. Decide what’s important in life — today and in the future

The why instead of the what or the how.

  1. Home
  2. Business
  3. Joy
  4. Health

3. #Lifegoals

4. Monthly challenges, should you choose to accept them

Did I hit the target? Did I smash the challenge?

  1. to earn $100 (outside of my salary) — tied to my Business theme
  2. do one fun activity each week as a minimum (I’ve signed up for African drumming classes and I actively seek out events happening in my area) — tied to Joy
  3. a food challenge related to using up items already in my pantry (I tend to have snacks for dinner instead of cooking a meal with the lentils!) — tied to Health (and Home actually — gotta get rid of clutter!)

5. The brilliant simplicity of a To-Do List

  1. Make that specialist’s appointment I’ve been putting off. TICK
  2. Phone my bank to ask for a mortgage rate reduction. TICK
  3. Sign up for a belly dancing trial class. TICK
  4. Create the Facebook page for my new business idea. TICK

“From little things, big things grow” — Paul Kelly



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